A Breakthrough And Innovative Solution That Optimizes Disaster Response And Relief Efforts

Natural Disaster Response And Relief
Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Introducing The Futuristic Solution That Will Change Disaster Response And Relief Forever!

Amphibious-Capable Electric-Powered Aircraft

A Multifaceted Aviation Vehicle That Can Be Adapted And Modified To Meet Any And All Emergency Response And Recovery Missions

24/7 Response Capability

Design, developed and configured to operate around the clock to meet the challenges of any disaster response and recovery tasking

precision Engineered

Engineered to operate effectively and efficiently in all-weather and climate conditions without fail  or performance degradation

Hub system

This aircraft is the centerpiece of  central emergency response and recovery hub systems containing first-responder  supplies and resources

Aircraft Design Specifications And Features

Meet The Founder And CEO Of Hazel Aero

Dominique Mojay

Aerospace engineer

 Dominique Mojay is an Aerospace Engineer. She graduated from San Jose State University with a BS in Aerospace Engineering. Additionally, she is an independent researcher and author. She has written extensively on sustainable aviation engineering technology.

Activities And Organizations That Can Benefit By Deploying And Employing This Technology

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