And We’re Live

And We're Live!

Greetings and welcome to the HazelAero Blog! It’s me, Dominique Mojay, Founder and CEO of HazelAero.


This type of blog existed long ago on a very baby version of the HazelAero website that is somewhere in these Internet archives, but this version is official! It’s here to stay!

On this blog, I will be briefly highlighting important pieces in all things electric and zero-emission aircraft, especially propulsion related!

Most recently, I have been conducting research on the various fuels being used and emerging in the zero-emission aircraft market and I’ve found some interesting takes. Here, I would like to share my personal take on the future of aviation in terms of fuel. Is it batteries that will bring us to Eden? Bio-Fuels made from corn and even prompting for further legalization of marijuana? Or could it be Futuristic Frozen Hydrogen Fuel Tanks?

We as an industry focus far too much on possible solutions rather than defining definite problems. Sure, it is true that we are faced with so many problems that is so easy to zero in on one (1) of them and go from there because we are human after all. We cannot look in two (2) directions at once, however, we can solve more than one problem with one solution (that good ol’ two birds with one (1) stone type of logic) and that’s a knee-jerk reaction we have to many issues. I’m going to ask a very radical question right now.

 What if we simply acknowledged there is no right solution?

 Because, in my professional opinion, there isn’t one. The world isn’t made for one type of anything and one type of battery, bio-fuel, or hydrogen fuel-cell is going to put a halt to the mess made by few and affecting many right now

Maybe I should phrase my opinion of it differently.

There might be no wrong answer. The conclusion I’ve drawn is that, depending on where the aircraft is located on this earth the fuel that must be used for it is going to change.

Sustainability is not a one-size-fits-all magic glove like fossil fuels have been treated all these years.



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