Top 3 reasons eVTOL are Best for Disaster Relief

3 Reasons Why eVTOL are Prime Candidates for Disaster Relief

Hello dear readers! In this blog post, I will briefly detail HazelAero’s top 3 reasons why we believe that eVTOL can be used for far greater missions than just air taxis. Now, this is not to say air taxis are not necessary! Accessible public transportation is extremely important and not to be looked down upon. It’s just that we at HazelAero believe that there is more to this story that can be written.

Before we dive in, I would like to thank those of you who have already contributed to our crowdfunding raise! I am eternally grateful to all of you and we are all working tirelessly to see this mission through.

First, we must define the problem of Disaster Relief and just how we got here. Many people are now acknowledging that our dependence on fossil fuels has landed us in the hot seat. The hot seat is Earth itself. It’s hot! We’re in a heatwave here in Central Texas and every climate scientist/engineer has been sounding the alarm for what has now become a crisis; Climate Change, the decay of the Ozone layer, global warming–take your pick of a term to use!

But it is not only this extremely hot summer that everyone is warning us about. It’s the wildfires, scary uptick in tropical storms, the rising sea levels, all of these, and more. It’s everywhere, rightfully, a constant reminder that the earth is burning!

So, let’s talk about how we at HazelAero are addressing this with our designs:

1. It's Electric!

Let’s start at the beginning. eVTOL means ELECTRIC Vertical Takeoff and Landing. NO fossil fuels are used, which means no further nitrogen oxide air pollution! This is why we chose eVTOL for our disaster relief airplane designs because we beg the question: why contribute to the problem creating the disaster? That problem again is climate change.

  • The lack of fossil fuel is also the main point of the eVTOL movement in the aviation industry. It is being sold as a very great win for the consumer and producer thanks to its affordability. Still, I personally think it should also be stressed that this is just a very nice win towards the dire need for a reversal of the damage done to the Earth.

2. They're Quiet!

Without the use of gasoline made from fossil fuels, there is no combustion which will lead to, well, pollution. But not only pollution that you can see but the pollution that you can HEAR. Yes, noise pollution is very real and not something that is to be played with. There have been studies where it was seen that those who live near airports have developed heart disease at a much quicker pace than the general population. Conventional aircraft are LOUD. It’s just the name of the game and it’s been a long issue that is still being addressed today. Typical electric motors are much quieter. It’s often a sales point on manufacturers’ websites that the motor is near silent. “But why does that matter in a disaster situation?” Dear reader, of course, that matters in a disaster situation! With a survivor’s health already on the line, the stress of hearing an internal combustion engine that can reach about 85 dB, even for a small passenger plane is far too much.

3. Why not?

And lastly, Why Not? Why not innovate with people in mind? Why not push the design envelope? What possible reason could there be out there to not apply what is known to what is for certain to find something that could be revolutionary?

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